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Japanese-English fusion

In 1993, this yard in Dorset, England, was a working dairy farm with not a single ornamental plant in sight. Over the years, it has evolved to become a jungle of greenery, overflowing with Japanese and English topiaries. Much of the credit is owed to British topiary-pruning specialist Jake Hobson, the son of the homeowners. [...]

Shrub hub: Unbelievable yard art. Western topiary

A Chicago couple commissioned Kyte to make this 12-foot-tall moose, which can be seen from their Rocky Mountains vacation home in Wyoming. Joining the moose is a rearing horse, not pictured. Both have steel-wire frames designed to withstand high winds and are stuffed with moss and vines.

A showcase landscape

International landscape designer Scott Hostetler wanted to create a showcase landscape for his family’s 15,000-square-foot Atlanta estate, Chateau de L’imaginaire. In 2011, he got his wish, after hiring 20 people who spent 10 weeks inserting 6,000 plants to create a classic, French-chateau-style garden. The two-acre yard has contorted white-pine spirals that light up at night, [...]

Seeking Edward Gorey

Matt Larkin has called himself a “topiary freak” since the interior designer visited the Green Animals, a historic garden in Rhode Island, two decades ago. The topiaries stood out in shapes of gray and black. “It had an Edward Gorey quality to it that was super cool,” Larkin says. “I wanted that at my house.”

South Carolina award-winner

Are you a couch potato in need of some fresh air? This sod sofa in Greg Tate’s California yard might offer a bit of both, giving new meaning to outdoor furniture.

Shrub hub: Unbelievable yard art

Does your yard need some inspiration? We found 10 yards that take a new spin on topiary, plant and bush sculptures that have been popular off and on since the 17th century.

Your condo-buying cheat sheet

Home prices have surged in the past year, forcing many first-time buyers to consider a condominium or townhome because these options are often less expensive. But is one of these the right choice for you? In this month’s Buying Advice, we’ll arm you with the right tools to assess these communities, which come with a [...]

ISP in Lithuania

Sign on from an ISP in Lithuania, using a computer unknown to USAA, and seek to process a wire transfer to a new payee in Khabarovsk, Russia and, well, that is a scenario that probably will ring alarms in the security offices. But, suggested McAlum, anomaly detection – good as it can be – is [...]

In a way the Paul Allen case proves that

Just when you want to withdraw all your money and stuff it into your mattress, know that banks and security outfits are hot in the chase for tools to prevent account takeovers, or at least to minimize the damage done. And in a way the Paul Allen case proves that, too. Price, according to the [...]

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